Why Vote Langermann’s for Best of Baltimore Brunch?

I’m sure you have all been out to brunch. It’s a great way to start your Sunday. You take a moment to re-fuel and relax before running those last minute errands and getting back to Mondays grind. You may head out with a group of friends, or perhaps just the two of you, but what you may not know is, this is not the main show for most restaurants. The food and drink are usually background music to the lunch and dinner services. Is this true, you ask? Yes we’re being honest. Unfortunately, the brunch meal tends to be treated as “have to do” rather than “get to do”.  However, at my restaurants, we treat the brunch meal with the same respect and dedication as all others.

Here are few quality assurances we provide…

The first steps taken to assure the highest quality of food is, to get it to you hot and make it plentiful! This is why you’ll find all sides on our buffet. This way you are free to get as much bacon, sausage, grits, home fries, fruit and salad as often as you like. And your entree is now guaranteed to come out piping hot, without delay. You don’t pay extra for this, every entree includes the buffet complimentary.

When voting for Best of Baltimore Brunch, take into consideration our brunch comes with a free Mimosa or Bloody Mary. Both are made to-order from scratch, as are all of our signature cocktails. Sorry, you won’t find a bottomless bloody mary or mimosa bar here. Using the freshest ingredients ensures top quality food and drinks.

Lastly, the training our kitchen staff receives allows us to offer unique interpretations on classic dishes. Where else can you get so many selections from the Benedict Family?  At Langermann’s you can choose the Memphis (Pulled Pork), the Charleston (Fried Green Tomato), the St. Andrews (Smoked Salmon), the Chesapeake (Crab Cake) or other variations. For a well rounded selection, we have other dishes like our original Pancakes and walnut raisin French Toast, even a Short Rib Corned Beef Hash. You won’t run out of options

At this point you have to be wondering “Why aren’t I there eating RIGHT NOW?!”

Lastly, you’ll even find the Beatles playing all day long. Not just the same ten songs you hear on the radio everyday, but variations on their classics and songs performed by other artists.

Please do yourself and us a favor….vote LANGERMANN’S for Baltimore Magazine BEST BRUNCH!

If you haven’t been in for our brunch, join us soon. You will not be disappointed. Image

I myself am always at Langermann’s in Canton for Sunday Brunch. I love chatting with guests, just ask your server or bartender to grab me out of the kitchen if you like.

Always, thanks for your support.


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